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2. How come we want to be dominated? How come we love bondage?

2. How come we want to be dominated? How come we love bondage?

Our culture encourages self-sufficiency and independence. Nearly all our we spend needing to be in charge and ‘have it together. Time’ Being dominated we can properly throw in the towel control and ‘submit’ to another person’s agenda. -Emmalee Bierly, MFT

3. Why do we want to be choked and/or slapped?

Being choked and/or slapped is kind of just like a ‘light kink’ for most people. It allows one to explore your kinky side without too masochism that is much. -Emmalee Bierly, MFT

4. Why doesВ name-calling turn usВ on? How come we enjoy teasing if it is simply torture?

There might be numerous reasons that are different this, as this is certainly unique to every person and determined by many different factors, such as for instance back ground history additionally the dynamics for the various relationships peppered through your life. Some reasons… could possibly be associating sex with being ‘bad’ and associating ‘being bad’ because of the freedom to convey your deepest intimate desires; it may be a type of intimacy (i.e. Only my partner knows this relative part of me personally, or it really is switching me personally on what susceptible i will be in a position to safely be surrounding this individual, etc. ); or it might feel just like another as a type of distribution or dominance. -Caitlyn Caracciolo, MFT

5. How come it feel much better from behind?

ВЂ¦Some females may relish it it can take away from of the anxiety of feeling insecure about your physical appearance because they are able to be present, and. For men, it may be one of the better jobs them more control and allows them to be a little more dominating because it gives. -Emmalee Bierly, MFT

6. How come we watch lesbian porn if we’reВ straight? Why do you want to view porn that is straight we’re lesbians?