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Ellie and Nele: From she to he – and back again to she once more

Ellie and Nele: From she to he – and back again to she once more

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Studies declare that a lot of people whom transition to some other gender don’t have 2nd ideas. But after two trans guys came across and dropped in love, their individual sex journeys took a unforeseen change, up to a location neither had foreseen.

“we constantly felt we now have an extremely unique history. We now have unique systems, and a connection that is special on the real experience we had. “

Ellie is 21 and Belgian. Her partner that is redtube german, is 24. Both took testosterone in order to become more masculine, in addition they had their breasts eliminated in dual mastectomy surgery. Now they usually have detransitioned, and live again as feminine – the sex these were assigned at delivery.

“I’m happy i did not have hysterectomy, ” reflects Nele. “this means i will stop hormones that are taking and my own body will go back to searching feminine. “

Just last year, they both determined to get rid of their usage of testosterone and start with the pronouns that are femaleshe” and “her” again. Gradually their very own natural oestrogen has begun to re-feminise their health.

“I’m really excited to look at modifications, ” claims Ellie.

Their faces have actually softened, their bodies be curvier. But several years of using testosterone has already established one profound, irreversible impact.